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The listing of all German orders and medals
The following table contains all German states. Just click on the states name and you will find the listing of each states list of orders and medals. Because of the huge amount of different awards, only shorts are listed. For more information you might go to my monthly updated page German Orders. For pricing information I can only refer to the usual catalogs. Besides that, it is always useful to get some knowledge about your order or medal, like the number of awards, material etc. ( See for example the article to the crown order medal last model: book value: US$ 50.- = no knowledge, real value: I don't know. Only 38 medals have been awarded, try to find one).
The numbers are equal to the catalog: "Deutschland Katalog Orden & Ehrenzeichen 1800-45" by Jörg Nimmergut. Double numbers are a result of different materials, the orders or medals are made from. The listing isn't perfect, but gives everyone at least some help.


   Hannover (until 1866)
Grand Duchies
   Sax-Duchies and rest
 Schwarzburg-Sonderhausen + gem.
 Reuss-older line + gem.
 Reuss-younger line

Free Cities 

other German orders

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