With it's unique design and look the MP40 submachine gun is probably "the" German submachine gun .

Many books have been written about the MP40, it's development with all the variations and prototypes, the history and it's design. Publications like "BIitzkrieg - The Maschinenpistole of World WarII" by Frank Iannamico, published in 1998 summarizes this interesting gun in all details. There are numerous web pages on the topic, with the following being probably the best and most in depth: does go to the extreme detail and keeps an actual blog on technical issues and findings besides a serial number database on still existing MP40s.

My web page will not compete with those mentioned above. It will however provide quick references and facts about the MP40 for all those that are interested and like to collect MP40s and items pertaining to it. I will also show contemporary photographs of the MP40 and its variations in wear under the blog section of this web page.


MP40 in wear on German NCO